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  • What is glamping?
    The word glamping is composed of glamorous and camping. It is accommodation in a tent in nature, but with beds and other comfort, as you lived in a house.
  • Is there a toilet?
    For Skovteltet, there is a beautiful eco-toilet in the woods, not far from the tent. It is an odorless and completely clean compost toilet. For Engteltet there is a brand new and nice toilet house 100 m from the tent. There are two completely clean and odorless compost toilets in the house.
  • How do we cook?
    There is a nice outdoor kitchen right next to the tent. Here there is kitchen service and equipment for you to cook over a wood-fired hob and a wood-fired grill. Therefore, bring all the island's delicious ingredients for a fantastic party meal. Remember that you can order a basket with the season's most fresh and crispy vegetables, directly from our own kitchen garden. Book when booking your stay.
  • Is there power available?
    Yes there is electricity at the tent. A small battery provides light in the lamps, as well as the ability to charge the mobile. But no Wifi. On the other hand, we recommend that you disconnect from the online connections and instead enjoy the peace, nature and each other's company.
  • What about firewood?
    There is firewood at the glamping site, both for cooking and for cozy bonfires. You must not collect firewood and sticks in the forest around you, as we have the overall overview of where wood is best removed in the forest, so that its wild nature is preserved as best as possible.
  • Is there water?
    There is water yes. As part of the outdoor kitchen, which is right next to the tent, there is a sink and water. For Skovteltet: At the small bath and toilet cabin a little 20 m from the tent there is also water. For Engteltet: At the small bath and toilet house a little 100 m from the tent there is also water.
  • What to bring?
    Our glamping site is located in the woods and all amenities are out in nature. Therefore, wear clothes that may get dirty. Depending on the local weather forecast (check it out here), warm clothes can also be really good. Even if the days are hot, the evening by the fire may well require an extra sweater. If the weather forecast has been wet in time for your stay with us, rubber boots might also be nice - again, it's all out in nature, so there is no asphalt under your feet.
  • What not to bring?
    Do not bring bedding and sheets, duvet and pillow. Towels are also in the tent. And everything to use for cooking and doing the dishes. Since all the water used must be returned to nature, it is important that we keep it clean. You should therefore not bring soap and shampoo, it will also be available on the site.
  • Is it possible with extra bed in the tent?
    Yes it can be saved up with 2 extra single beds in the tent. Prices The price for an extra bed in Skovteltet is DKK 500 per extra bed. The price for an extra bed in Engteltet is DKK 400 per extra bed. Children 0-3 years are free. Skovteltet is standing on a platform which is built on a slope in the forest, so depending on which child you have, the toddler age may not be the easiest to have in that tent. Then Engteltet is absolutely perfect.
  • Can we bring our dog?
    Unfortunately no. Due to the forest where the glamping tent is located, as well as everyday life and the animals on the farm, it is not possible for you to bring dogs. You must enjoy each other's company and listen to the birds' whistle instead.
  • Bad weather?
    There is no bad weather, only bad dress ... and then again. We have a weather policy. But regardless of the weather forecast, it is always good to have warm clothes with you when you travel in nature.
  • What time is check in / check out:
    Arrival to the site can happen from 3PM, unless otherwise agreed. Departure is no later than 12noon.
  • Are there any rules of order?
    Yes, we would like you to follow some general rules of order for the place, so that both nature, you and we get the best possible experience. - No waste must be left - all waste must be in the arranged waste bins on the site. - Glamping with us is relaxed, quiet and calm, loud parties should therefore not take place on our site.
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